Financing future green growth & mitigation efforts

12.12.2017 | Category: News

The Government of Vietnam is increasing its engagement in environmental fiscal reform as a tool to generate revenue for environmental protection and climate change related purposes while promoting the achievement of national targets on the National Strategy and Action Plan on Green Growth, the National Action Plan on Climate Change, related policies and strategies. Green fiscal policy reform towards green growth in Vietnam has been focusing on (i) new financial policies and market-based instruments and (ii) introduction of carbon pricing.

WB/MOH project - Developing Two Amended National Technical Regulations on Healthcare Wastewater, Solid Healthcare Waste Incinerator and a National Technical Regulation on Infectious Healthcare Waste Microwave

28.08.2017 | Category: News

The overall objective of Hospital Waste Management Support Project (HWMSP), funded by World Bank, is to reduce the environmental pollution caused by medical waste from hospitals in Vietnam, contributing to improving the health of the people.

Communication Campaign for "Green Growth (GG), Sustainable Consumption in the Transportation and Commerce Sector, etc. and Application of Green Production models, Green Consumption, and Green Lifestyle'' has officially started

17.07.2017 | Category: News

From May 4, 2017, the communication campaign for “Green Growth (GG), sustainable consumption of transportation and commerce sector, etc., promoting green production models, green consumption, green lifestyle” has officially started. The media campaign is organized by the Institute of Ecology and Environment (EEI) and CREATIO Creative Solutions Company Limited under the supervision and management of the PMU "Capacity Building Support And institutional reform for green growth and sustainable development in Vietnam" - CIGG.

Study and analysis of wind power development in one southern province to serve the implementation of the mitigation targets in the NDC of Viet Nam

09.06.2017 | Category: News

Wind power has currently become one of major energy sources. Recently, Vietnam started to conduct scientific researches in order to exploit the potential of the new energy source. A project was conducted to study and analyze the development of wind power in Ca Mau, one southern province of Vietnam. The aim of this project was to generate a view of current status of wind power development, financing ability of national and international investors. 

Study and analysis of biogas development in some northern mountainous provinces to serve the implementation of the mitigation targets in the NDC of Viet Nam

09.06.2017 | Category: News

Since 1960s, biogas technology has been introduced and attracted much attention in Vietnam as an effective solution to supply energy as well as diminish of environmental pollution in the countryside. Through several periods of development, biogas technology has developed vigorously within the framework of sanitation, agriculture and rural development projects with many types of new biogas digesters. A study of biogas development was conducted in some Northern provinces forward the implementation of the mitigation targets in the National Determined Contribution (NDC) of Vietnam.