Position: Executive VICE Director/Expert on Climate Change, Ozone and Environment

Before joining the Ecology and Environment Institute (EEI) as Executive Vice Director General, Mrs. Nguyen Thi My Hoang has over 19 years of experience in fields of environment, climate change and energy through a set of positions in Department of Climate change (DCC) and Vietnam Environmental Administration (VEA), Ministry of Natural Resource and Environment (MONRE) and UNIDO Country Office (UCO) as Programme Officer on Environment and Energy.

Through the working period with the position as Deputy Director of Division of Green House Gas emission reduction and ozone layer protection/National Ozone Coordinator, Head of National Ozone Unit, DCC, MONRE she has been cooperating with the WB in development and implement of the Vietnam HCFC Phase-out Project Stage II (HPMPII) with title as Deputy Director of the HPMP II, Mrs. Hoang also has been the national coordinator of the two projects: GEF/UNIDO project "Reducing greenhouse gas and ODS Emissions through technology transfer in industrial refrigeration" and the Institutional strengthening project for implementation of the Montreal Protocol and coordinate all of activities of National Ozone Unit such as promoting and coordinating of phase-out actions identified in the Country Programme, sustaining the existing licensing system for ODS control to apply quota for HCFC import; cooperating with the industry associations on HCFC phase out awareness and involvement of the association in the HCFC phase out activities,... And through the working time with Vietnam Environmental Administration (VEA), MONRE, Mrs. Hoang involved in developing the 2001 – 2010 National Environmental Protection Strategy as well as she was involved in development, fundraising and coordinating the several environmental projects: "Pre - implementation support for National Wetland Support Program (NWSP)" funded by the Royal Netherlands Embassy; the Mekong Wetland Biodiversity Program (MWBP) funded by GEF through UNDP; the project GEF/PDFB "Eliminating stockpiles of POPs pesticides and pilot treating contaminated sites in Viet Nam" funded by GEF through UNDP; "Vietnam – Switzerland Clean Air Program" (SVCAP) and has been a member/coordinator of Vietnamese Study Team (VST) of the project "The Study for Water Environment Management on River Basins in Vietnam" funded by JICA;

With the UNIDO Country Office, she took responsible in survey, development/fund raising for the projects such as GEF/UNIDO/MPI project “Implementation of Eco-Industrial Park Initiatives for sustainable Industrial Zones in Vietnam”, GEF/UNIDO/MOIT project “Promotion of Energy Efficiency Industrial Boiler Adoption and Operating Practices in Vietnam”.